USED MACHINERY:  Replacing the Big Disc Drills back in 2015, Weaving’s GD advanced the company’s minimal disturbance direct drilling by offering reduced draft and claimed suitability to suit a range of soil types. Used GD drills are now becoming more widely available, with 6.0m caddy hopper units the most likely find as we show here.

Weaving trailed GD drills are offered with a choice of grain only or as a seed and fertiliser variant with 3.0m, 4.0m, 4.8m and 6.0m widths, and there is an even larger grain only 8.0m model too. In the UK, 4.8m and 6.0m models are the most popular.

Mounted 3.0m drills were launched alongside the trailed units in 2015, and again these are offered in both grain only and combination formats but these mounted models will be a rare used find. There will be a fair selection of pre-owned trailed models on the market, however, and these divide into first generation caddy models and, from 2019, redesigned drills that saw the toolbar positioned under the hopper. These later drills are more compact and they do without the integral drawbar ballast used on caddy models.

Mounted GD drills were initially offered with a working width of 3.0m, with a 1,600-litre capacity grain only hopper or split 800l/800l for seed and fert. The hopper remained unchanged until 2023 when mounted GD drills adopted the same 1,600-litre plastic hopper and metering system as fitted to the company’s Sabre tine drills. A 4.0m mounted drill was also made available at the same time.

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