Weaving mounted 3.0 to 6.6m tine drills: Straightforward drills, easy to understand choices

Evesham based Weaving offer two types of mounted tine drill, the coil sprung Tine models and, for lower disturbance drilling, the straight tine Sabre. Both have a straightforward build and a limited specification choice making selecting a used example as simple as the drills. There are, however, a few points to consider, so be prepared to delve a bit deeper to select the best used machine for your farm.

by James de Havilland

7 Jun 2022

No apologies for covering two different drill types in one article. Weaving tine drills are not complex and the differences between the Tine and Sabre drills are easily explained. Further, the company has not made year on year spec changes to these drills, meaning their evolution is easy to summarise. There are a few specification points to consider, but even these are not complex to grasp.