Cab suspension may be all the rage among some of the world’s tractor makers, but the ‘Big Four’, for the moment at least, seem content to maintain a form of splendid isolation. That doesn’t mean there’s no demand, though. Indeed two dealers reckon the need for increased cabin springing is so great that they’ve developed their own systems

When a driver has spent several hours in a sprung cab – even if it’s just for a demo – he’s generally reluctant to return to more conventionally mounted accommodation. And who can blame him?

This demand for increased driver comfort marches relentlessly onwards, and it’s a march that won’t be stopped. Tractor makers have not been slow to recognise the trend and that most customers are also prepared to pay extra if they feel they’re getting a better comfort deal.

Which explains the arrival of air seats, front-axle suspension, all-round suspension, cab suspension…and so on. But what the factory can do, the retro market tends to think it can do better. And in the case of New Holland and John Deere cab suspensions, that wouldn’t be difficult because these two firms don’t offer a system, anyway. It’s against this background that we drove two German dealer developments, cab suspension systems that can be retro-fitted within a few hours.

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