Fitting Superglide Suspension kit Part 1: Riding on Air

While CNH has improved its suspension performance, those with older tractors can also benefit from more comfort by swapping the standard mechanical setup for a pneumatic arrangement. British firm Superglide Suspension makes such a kit which can be fitted on farm, and this is how

by Nick Fone

13 Jul 2021

Over the last 20 years tractor drivers have had the benefit of both front axle and cab suspension becoming commonplace. Taking the bumps, jolts, clanks and bangs out of both road and fieldwork, such systems have made long hours in the saddle infinitely more bearable. But it’s not just a comfort factor for the bum in the seat, by smoothing the ride they’ve also made life easier on the machine, reducing shock loads and fatigue on components upstream of the dampers. And crucially they’ve also made higher travel speeds possible, increasing workrates and efficiency.