Feed passage refurb: Like a new dinner plate

Take a tour of a German dairy farm and you will find the area near the feed fence is usually smooth with tiles or some form of coating to ensure a hygienic surface to boost intakes. So what happens when this smooth layer becomes pitted? Well a plastic coating is one solution which has a very quick turnaround but needs a professional approach so we went to see how German contractor Saliplan goes about this task

1 May 2020

A smooth surface by the feed fence doesn’t just improve forage intake it is also a lot more hygienic. So when the concrete becomes rough it is worth doing something about it. There are several coating systems available for this very job, but some do not work well in humid or wet conditions so this narrows down the list of products, and there is an even slimmer choice if you want a quick turnaround in the region of 12 hours.