DRIVING IMPRESSION: The new SPW Power self-propelled feeder can cater for farms wanting extra capacity but also having to run in and out of low buildings.

Unveiled last year, the SPW Power has some particularly interesting stats. The two vertical auger tub boasts a capacity of 19m3, but then it stands just 2.75m tall. And if you opt for the 18m³ version, this height shrinks to just 2.65m. It does measure over 11m long, though.

Deere four-cylinder
Unlike the larger ‘Intense’ range, which is powered by a 250hp Volvo Penta motor, the low SPW Power relies on a four-cyl Deere Power Systems engine that meets Stage V regs. It has a rated output of up to 167hp, and the motor is located transversely between cab and mixing tub.

The hydraulic pumps for the various drives, such as the transmission, milling head and mixing augers, are flange-mounted. To achieve such a low overall height, the mixing tub sits down between the axles. To enable this, Kuhn designed a new chassis that can accommodate the twin-auger hopper. 70% of the 15t self-propelled feeder (kerb weight) rests on the front axle.

To make this 11m long vessel somewhat agile, it’s equipped with four-wheel steer. The max steering angle is 20° at the front, and 45° at the rear, resulting in a relatively tight turning circle. This said, you do have to bear in main that this self-propelled with its protruding milling head does drive like a bus.

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