Self-propelled feeding: Making every kilo count

Washfold Farm has seen more than a few changes since it was set up by Frank Metcalfe as a 20-cow dairy unit back in 1940. Steady expansion in the 20th century had seen the herd size grow to 900 milkers, with further modernisation over the past 20 years leading to the current milking herd of 1,300 pedigree Holsteins

by James de Havilland

17 Jan 2021

Situated to the North West of Leyburn, North Yorkshire, Washfold Farm is close to 850ha in size. Forage for the dairy unit is produced from approximately 65ha of maize, 185ha of mainly wholecrop wheat and 325ha of grass. The latter is cut on a 28 to 30-day cycle, typically yielding five cuts a season with an average dry matter of between 35 and 40%.