The strongest, most frugal and most expensive — the 1050 Vario sets more than just one new benchmark. Read the first test on a new league of tractor.

Over the years Fendt has been at the forefront of tractor trend setting: front axle suspension, a 50km/hr gearbox and, of course, the Vario stepless transmission. With the introduction of the 500hp 1050 model (see profi 11/2014 and 02/2016) the firm is continuing along its pioneering path.

The competition may be belittling this feat of engineering by saying “it is no good in the field” or “it isn’t allowed anything on the road” but these companies are no doubt looking at ways of wrestling the big Bavaria. Our outlook is this: 20 years ago, 250hp was considered the ceiling for a conventionally
configured tractor; 10 years ago it was 350hp. And today 450hp is supposed to be the cap….
what will the next 10 years bring?

As reported in our previous profi driving impression, the 1000 series Fendt is powered by a six-cylinder MAN motor — the 12.4-litre DE2676 LE521 to be precise, which relies on SCR and EGR to meet Stage IV. For Stage V, a DPF and DOC may be needed. As for the cooling system the hydraulically powered Voith fan pushes air as effectively as possible through the radiators, thanks to a tight fitting cowling. We didn’t miss the option of a reversing fan. Who knows? In future, maybe the in-cab screen will show the level of radiator contamination; after all, it already indicates the air cleaner load

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