TRACTOR TEST: Fendt has come out with a new all-singing, all-dancing four-cylinder tractor range — the 600 Vario. Like the Gen 7 series 700s, the 600s get the onerange transmission and smart four-wheel drive system.

Fendt has come along with another four- cylinder tractor range, the Vario 600, which promises a low kerb weight, high payload and a bunch of features that see it sit in line with the high-spec Vario 700 Gen 7 models. Indeed these two line-ups are very similar, sharing the same cab and, more importantly, the VarioDrive transmission and driveline, helping the Germany company stand out from the rest of the tractor-making crowd who also manufacture a stepless box, high horsepower four-cylinder unit.

Four models

The four Vario 600 tractors deliver between 110kW/149hp and 154kW/209hp, with the last two digits of the model number indicating the boosted power rating. Yet Dynamic Power is somewhat different to more traditional power boost functions, which normally kick in when forward travel speed reaches a certain threshold or during pto work. In contrast, on the Fendt, it will also get the green light when the ancillaries such as the fan, air-con, air-compressor or the oil pump start to absorb engine power. On the flagship model, the 620 Vario, there’s as much as an additional 11kW/15hp on offer, which helps to push the maximum power to 224hp.

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