The curvy cab 700 series has now been on the market for 10 years. Yet, even though it’s barely noticeable from the outside, the new FendtOne control system marks the beginning of an exciting era in tractor operation.

You will know from reading previous tractor test reports that we have long been impressed by Fendt’s incab terminal and joystick. They have regularly received top marks, to the point that you can see their influence on several other makes. So, when the firm introduced its new FendtOne concept in 2019, we were a little concerned with our initial encounter, when we thought the replacement items were a bit clunky and sluggish (see profi 6/2020). Up to then Fendt had done an excellent

Up to then Fendt had done an excellent job of shaping and positioning the buttons on the old-style joystick; even after a short time you could use them blindfolded. The new layout is quite a contrast, with no fewer than eight pretty much identical buttons on the lower part. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start as we usually do, with what’s under the hood.

Still a Deutz motor

To be frank, little has changed: the six-cylinder Deutz TCD6.1L6 still plods along, although it now complies with Stage V emission regs. So, keen to see how its performance compares with not only its competitors but the 724’s predecessor in our 5/2013 test with the Stage IIIB version, we headed off to the DLG.

There is not much to shout about here, with the pto producing 152.5kW/204.5hp at rated speed before climbing to 165.0kW/221.3hp at maximum power. Just like the maximum torque and performance characteristics, these figures are a tad below

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