Amazone ZA-V 2700 Profis Tronic fertiliser spreader: Upper middle class

If you like choice and the capability to spread different materials at high rates and widths,then one of Amazone’s ZA-V spreaders could be the way to go. Here we explore the ZA-V 2700 Profis Tronic, which the maker says can deliver material at up to 36m and 390kg/min.

17 May 2018

The simplest thing to say about ZA-V spreaders is that they are mounted units with pto drive. After that it gets a bit complicated. For example, there are three different frame types, eight hopper capacities and three different cab displays. Oh, and the option of GPS-linked section control. For this test Amazone supplied a ZA-V with a 2,700l hopper (hence the model tag), which....... [To read more, follow the instructions on the right of this page]