DRIVING IMPRESSION: Amazone is expanding its trailed spreader line-up with a dual-purpose machine. The ZG-TX has an interchangeable spreading system that allows it to switch from fertiliser application mode to lime in just 20 minutes.

Amazone is applying some of its proven fertiliser spreading knowhow to lime with the new dual-purpose ZG-TX. The spreader is available as a Special (up to 12.5t, 6,800-9,000-litres) or the tested Super. The latter has a stronger frame that is rated to 21t and hopper capacities of 9,000 to 11,200 litres.

There are two electronic versions of both. The Easy machines with a simple set-up with the EasySet2 terminal that automatically matches the application rate to the changing forward speed. And for optimum precision, there is the Tronic option with ISObus operation, new software and functions such as section control and variable rate.

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