Claas Cargos 8300 forage wagon: Just short

After putting the Cargos 8300 through a season long practical test we found ‘just short’ was the best way of summing up our experience with the Claas forage wagon; the overall size of the wagon is short, the chop length is short as is the list of shortcomings

by Tobias Bensing

When the Cargos 8300 was dropped off last spring there was a lot of sniggering in the village and not because it was a Claas forage wagon. Comments such as ‘has it shrunk in the wash’ or ‘where is the rest of it’ were among the most common. But once we tucked the Cargos into work the mocking soon stopped thanks to its chopping capability, considerable appetite and the obvious agility of this stumpy machine.