John Deere 585hp 8500i

John Deere 8500i forage harvester

John Deere’s 8000-series forage harvesters have been on the market for some four years now and seem to be finding favour in certain areas of the country. Cheshire contracting firm R E Williams had one of the first in the country ... and it's now onto its second

by Nick Fone

There aren’t many people in the UK with quite as much experience of John Deere foragers as the Williams family. Based close to Chester with its own 455-cow dairy herd, for the past 30-odd years the family business has provided a silage-making service for other livestock outfits in the area. Initially trailed foragers of all makes and model were put to work but as the demand grew it rapidly became apparent that moving to a self-propelled machine was the only way the firm would keep up.