John Deere 9800i forager: 12 pots of green grunt

John Deere has at last joined Krone and Claas in the V12 forage harvester club. But, unlike the competition, it has opted for Liebherr rather than MAN power under the hood

by James Andrews

Horsepower is well up the list of a forager user’s bragging credentials so John Deere fans should be pleased to hear the maker’s latest flagship boasts an output of almost 1,000hp. The newly launched 9000-series gets this go from a 24-litre Liebherr V12 that’s usually found in large-scale construction kit. This motor is capable of pumping out up to 1,020hp, but, in order to improve the torque curves and keep fuel use sensible, Deere has reined it back a bit. Therefore, the range-topping 9900i is good for about 970hp (although the final figure is yet to be confirmed), with the 9800i sitting on 870hp and the smallest of the V12ers, the 9700, tuned to 770hp. Due to Stage V emissions regs coming in 2019 for engines above 750hp, all these units will be fitted with a pressurised SCR system, supplied by a 90-litre AdBlue tank. Diesel Exhaust Fluid consumption is rated at about 6% (this figure is also still to be confirmed) and there’s no DPF fitted.