Strautmann Giga Vitesse 01 forage wagons: Small roller, big difference

Although Strautmann Giga Vitesse forage wagons may look pretty much the same today as they did when we considered these models as a pre-owned buy nearly a decade ago (profi 02/10), they have evolved. The most obvious change? The company’s CFS Continuous Flow System pick-up

The Strautmann CFS Continuous Flow System launched for the 2010 season is one of the important changes between previous generation Giga Vitesse (note no hyphen) and still current Giga-Vitesse CFS 01 wagons. At the same time, various model definitions, such as Plus and Duo, were no longer applied, considerably simplifying the wagons on offer. Although ‘previous generation’ non-CFS wagons went out of production for the 2010 model year, they are on the second-hand market, so it pays to appreciate other differences between these and later models.