Strautmann Magnon CFS 430 forage wagon: Is plastic the future?

Launched at Agritechnica, Strautmann’s latest large capacity Magnon forage wagon is brimming with new features ... from a moving headboard to plastic fingers on the pick-up. We caught up with one of the pre-production units in Germany earlier this season

by Tobias Bensing

Pivoting headboards seem to be the 'must-have' feature on large-capacity forage wagons since Lely started the trend in 2013. Strautmann is the latest maker to join the club with its Magnon, but that's certainly not the only new feature on the three-model 42-52mÑ range. For example and most notably there's a redesigned chopping system fed by a completely new pick-up with plastic fingers. To see how these various components perform we took the opportunity to work the smallest model, the 430 CFS, in a low-yielding, third-cut crop of grass.