Not only does the flail head on the Greentec Scorpion work at eye level … but the Scorpions other special features make the Danish company, as a whole, measure up favourably with its rivals in the competitive hedgecutter sector.

We first set eyes on the Greentec Scorpion hedgers at Agritechnica back in 2019, where owner of the Danish manufacturer John Christensen was energetic about pointing out the main novelties of his machines — such as the way the boom achieves its forward reach position or how it attaches to the tractor with the four-point mounting system. As a side note, this technology won a Silver Medal at the German show.

It took us a while, but we eventually got to visit Greentec and try out the Scorpion 630, a 6.30m reach machine suitable for tractors weighing 5t or more. There are three chassis sizes of Scorpion: the small frame (330, 430), mid-size (530, 630) and large (730, 830). And don’t fret when looking at the pictures … yes, the featured machine is a right-hand arm trimmer, but the full range will be available in left-hand format during 2023, which will appeal to users in the UK and Ireland. In fact, the first left-hand machines are already on their way to Australia.

We also had a chat with John regarding the business and what other products it does, but you will have to wait until the March issue to read all about that.

A solid fix

Back to the 630 hedger, which has a four-point attachment system to handle the 6.0m plus arm carrying an attachment weighing up to 400kg … without resorting to the tractor-specific sub-frame brackets that we are all familiar with on larger hedgecutters. Greentec braces the tractor’s three-point linkage in order to make it more rigid and thus distribute the forces to the back end. This set-up was jointly developed with Scharmüller.

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