Crop transfer trailers are one of the latest trends to emerge in the root crop sector. And it’s easy to see why — less mud on roads, no need for expensive rubber on road trailers … the list goes on. Meeting this demand,
German maker Hawe Wester, which is already known for its grain chasers, has now come up with a root trailer. We glance over the prototype

The Hawe Wester product range already includes chaser bins for sugar beet and even silage, although it is probably its grain models that are most widely known in the UK. Wanting to chip in to the potato market, the firm has been making tentative steps in developing a root trailer based on the WPS 32-T run- ning gear, which uses twist locks to hold different bodies on to a tridem axle chassis. Giving this chassis a potato application would clearly ……….[To read more, see the instructions on this page]