Bomford Falcon Evo 6.5 VFA

Bomford's Variable Forward Arm trimmers use some clever frame geometry to allow the operator to run the flail head back and forwards in line with the tractor cab. Nick Fone takes a look at the setup and learns how it stacks up in work from the UK's first VFA customer

by Nick Fone

23 Sep 2020

In a crowd, you used to be able to pick out hedge-trimmer operators a mile away. They were the ones with a permanently cricked neck after constantly twisting their whole torso to get a glimpse of the flail-head. Realising the discomfort they had been causing their customers, one-by-one over the last few years all the main manufacturers have developed reach-mowers with forward-cranked arms designed to bring the cutter head in line with the tractor cab.

Taking that concept one stage further, Bomford has come up with a new machine with a variable geometry frame that allows the operator to tweak the position of the head. Not only does this mean no more cricked necks but by being able to run the cutter forwards and back with the tractor stationary, it’s now a much easier task to negotiate obstacles such as road-side signs, hedge-line trees, etc…