Buying a used Spearhead 460 topper

Spearhead launched the folding ‘Flex wing’ 450-6S wide area topper/mower back in 1992, this model’s all shaft drive design having since formed the basis for a comprehensive range of wider variants right up to the 12.10m wide Stubble Master 1210. Here we focus upon the still current Multicut 460 models

by James de Havilland

25 Nov 2020

We have been here before, having previously taken a look at buying a used Spearhead 450-6S, 450-9S and the successor Multicut 460 back in 2007 (profi 6/2007). More recently we covered Alamo Group family member, the McConnel SR15-6 ‘flex-wing’ models (profi 7/2019). But the second hand Spearhead Mulitcut toppers/mowers are a different animal to the other Alamo brands. In this articles we explain what checks you need to make and what problems you could encounter.

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