Shelbourne Reynolds HD775 VFRT

Shelbourne Reynolds introduced its first variable forward reach VFR hedge and verge cutter models in 2007, adding telescopic VFRT models at the beginning of 2014. Here we take a look at the larger of the two new VFRT models now on offer, the HD775. With a total reach of 7.50m, the machine allows the flail head to be operated in positions to include both vertically and horizontally to the rear of the tractor as well as up to 2.50m ahead for eased visibility. So the HD775 has the on-paper flexibility to suit diverse hedge and verge cutting needs. But what is it like to operate?

by James de Havilland

23 Sep 2020

The high-density foam covering the armrest mount for the HD700 proportional digital controller may not seem to be that critical. But it is one of the first points to note when initially taking control of the VFRT HD775. Within a few minutes, the combination of the compliant rest and the stubby, solid feeling joystick enhances the operating experience of the Shelbourne Reynolds machine. From the off, the operator feels in control. The head can be easily positioned to suit the task, a push of a button to bring it back or forwards easing the sight line to suit running along the top of the hedge, down its sides or drop and level it to ground level. An experienced operator will take very little time to feel right at home with this machine.

Of equal importance is the manner in which the joystick and the pair of buttons on its top can be fine-tuned to suit individual preference. The joystick has familiar proportional control, but the key is how this is altered. Those with a delicate touch can dial up the sensitivity to translate a hint of joystick movement into action on the machine. Prefer something more forgiving? No problem. Select from the function buttons on the face of the controller and adjust the appropriate setting.