Navigating the potentially choppy waters of data transfer puts off a lot of farmers. But it need not involve a packet of Quells: here we see how to set up an account with Agrirouter, create a seed rate map using My Data Plant and transfer the map to a drill

So…what’s Agrirouter? It’s a independent hub for sharing data between machines and between software . Funded initially by makers of machinery and data-based systems and compatible with most major equipment brands, its service is free to end-users. Security and privacy look to be good: Agrirouter says its system takes only information selected by the user, then transfers it solely between the locations specified by the user. No data is permanently retained.

How can you use it? One way is creating maps for targeted application of fertiliser, seed or spray and sharing them with your operator, contractor and agronomist. The following steps show how to produce a seed rate map for a Grimme Matrix beet drill and send it to a CCI 1200 ISObus terminal, using Agrirouter and the ‘My Data Plant’ portal: the latter brings satellite imaging for biomass and soil analysis which, along with input from the farmer, generates application maps for seed, fertiliser and spraying. Why the CCI 1200? It can send and receive data via Wi-Fi or USB stick, potentially speeding map transfer.

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