REPORT: John Deere 7530 rebuild: When rust attacks. A social media kerfuffle was caused on the B D Agri & Plant Facebook page when Ben Dunford posted pictures of the firm’s latest restoration project — a 2007 John Deere 7530. It piqued our interest to find out the back story and the steps involved in getting what is surely deemed as a future classic back into full service.

What was intended to be a quick spruce-up soon turned into a much bigger project — and one that required a complete donor ROPS frame for the 2007 John Deere 7530. Indeed, the initial job should have only taken two weeks if everything had gone to plan, but, when the panels started being removed, the true and full extent of the rusting issue quickly became apparent.

“We took off the green mudguards and then removed the trim from inside,” recalls garage owner, Ben Dunford, of Waterford-based B D Agri & Plant, who was tasked with carrying out the refurbishment project.

“The gas strut that should hold the door open was just attached to this patch of rust, whie the B-post holding the door wasn’t attached to anything at the bottom. It was all gone.” This was the point that the planned quick freshen-up went out the window. But what would cause the cab of a 17-year-old tractor to be in such a poor state?

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