KRM Soladrill mounted tine drills were first made available from 2007, KRM initially offering two variants, the 1706 power harrow mounted models and the linkage mounted 799. Offered in 4.0m, 4.80 and 6.0m working widths, the mounted 799 gave way to the NS2311, which in turn was replaced by the Ares 2713 series. Add SM1909 models into the used buying mix, plus Cultivator and Solo models, and it is clear a little bit of model knowledge will help when seeking out the best model and specification for your specific needs.

KRM has been working with Spanish drill maker Sola for over 25 years, with the drills on offer having seen several developments. That said, early models can still make a great used buy, a key to securing the best deal being to know what was offered and when. A good starting point is the coulter tines.

The original 799 models use the Elite coil spring tine coulter. These mount on the toolbar at a shallow angle to reduce the amount of movement of the spring with the aim of producing a consistent tip pressure. As the tips are also slightly swept back, the design of these Elite tines is less liable to pull material in the soil up and with it the claim stones and trash flow through the drill with a reduced chance of blockages. The tines are arranged in three or four rows, dependent upon drill model.

In 2012, 799 models were replaced by the NS2311 models. These drills feature larger capacity hoppers and have offset metering to ease calibration. They also couple closer to the tractor to improve weight transfer. The 799 drills could be specified with a cultivator at the front of the drill, a more central design ahead of the tines being offered as an alternative on the NS2311. KRM also added a double disc coulter drill based upon the same toolbar but it was the proven Elite tine that remained the key choice and will be the most likely used find.

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