Krone launched its first KW tedder models over 25 years ago, the basic design DNA of these mounted units having been carried over to the current Vendro series. If you are after a used buy, an early model of equivalent width could, on paper, do much the same job as a factory fresh example. Subtle KW design and build tweaks, however, suggest you a KW decal does not tell the full story…

Although not strictly accurate, Krone KW tractor mounted tedders broadly split into 1997 to 2007 and 2008 and on models that were replaced by the current Vendro series from 2021. In terms of basic ability all KW models will do much the same job with the caveat that Krone beefed up the build strength of 2008 models. Part of this was driven by more powerful tractors being used to operate the tedders and users working them a lot harder.

The model table concentrates upon the 2008 to 2021 generation as these are more likely to make a viable used buy. The basic specs include the factory’s recommended minimum power input for these KW units. This is more of a reminder that a tedder is not a power- hungry piece of kit. This is not to say one cannot be operated by a tractor of substantially higher power. It is not unusual to see a tractor developing north of 200hp hooked up to an 8.00m wide tedder. if it is the only tractor available then that is what will get used. The problem is some will have ‘overworked’ the tedder and pre-2008 models may be more prone to wear as a result.

Used buyer starting points

Obviously, you need to consider working width. Krone prints a table in the rear of its sales literature that will help establish the suitability of a given model to match the widths of different mowing set ups. A side point is the size of rotor and the related number of tine arms. As a used buyer, you will obviously be restricted to what is available, but for the main the key stat is working width. The popular ‘second generation’ 7.82m KW7.82 /6×7 will spread three 3.0m mown rows in a pass. The model number indicates the working width, the second element indicating rotor and tine arm numbers.

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