PRACTICAL TEST: Kuhn comes along and builds an even wider mounted tedder. Spanning 13.0m, the twelve rotor three-point linkage model is an impressive feat of Tetris like ability to fold down to meet all the transport width restrictions. Mounted tedders are typically less expensive, potentially more agile and easier to set up than a trailed alternative.

With its latest GF13003 tedder, Kuhn now offers a wider mounted tedder. With its 13m working width, 12 rotors and all up weight of 2,050kg, the GF13003 is currently unique in the mounted tedder class, folding to 2.99m wide and 2.67m tall in under half a minute. A key to this folding ‘magic’ is not a complex hinged frame. Instead, the design makes the best use of the space to the rear the machine. The central six-rotors lift vertically, with the outer rotors moving inward to enable the final two rotors to fold diagonally to rest on rubber buffers on the headstock.

When folded, the unit extends 3.45m to the rear. Kuhn clearly does not put all-up weight ahead of strength. The three-point linkage headstock is a heavy-duty design, with Cat IIIN coupling pins. We were not surprised to find the test tedder tipped the scales at just under 2.2 tonnes. For our test, we hooked out machine to 125hp six-cylinder tractor with a relatively long wheelbase. Although this enabled us to run the tedder, in level going, without the need for any front ballast, those working steep ground or running a shorter four-pot tractor will probably need some weight up front to keep the outfit balanced.

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