Yup, you’re looking at multiple photos of a Vicon flail topper. However, on this side of the water it comes under the Kverneland umbrella and dons the apt FRO name, meaning Front/Rear/Offset. We tucked into some field margins and rape stubble to see what sort of a job it does

Produced in-house by the Kverneland Group at the Ravenna plant in Italy, alongside the balers and wrappers, the FRO/PF is part of a much bigger range of flail mowers. But focusing on what we have in front of us here, there are three working widths: 2.35m, 2.80m and 3.25m, which can be tooled up with Y or hammer flails. We plucked the PF280, which, as you may have guessed, is the mid-size, 2.80m model.