DRIVING IMPRESSION: Lemken Solitair DT cultivator drill: The big ‘un. Lemken has completed its Solitair DT line-up with the addition of a 9.0m model that can tuck itself into a neat sub-3.0m wide, 4.0m high package. We take a look in the field and find out the details.

Lemken went back to the design drawing board with its trailed Compact Solitair cultivator drill to come up with the DT series in 2021. We had an early look at the 4.0m version in the 6/2022 issue, but even back then Lemken was promising a 9.0m machine. And that’s the machine we focus on here. As on the smaller widths, the 9.0m drill comes with the choice of a short or long drawbar. The former is for tractors up to 3.0m wide, the other for those up to 4.0m. Depending on the tractor, steering angles of up to 90° are possible. Hitch options are a K80 spoon, ring or three-point linkage. The three-point headstock instead of a two-point cross shaft is reckoned to dramatically reduce vertical forces to the pivot point between headstock and drawbar. There’s also the ISObus connection, air brakes electric coupling, a single-acting spool with free flow return and a double-acting spool for the drill’s hydraulic functions that need plugging in. The fully hydraulic depth control (option) requires an additional double-acting spool. In work, the fan needs 35l/min of oil flow.

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