PRACTICAL TEST: If you’re wanting to speed up cubicle bedding but are operating on a modest budget, then keep reading to see which of these two options represents your best bet — the AG Products Maxi or the Flingk SE250.

Bedding cubicles by hand is physically demanding and time-consuming. But cows enjoy the bedding, and it keeps the surface dry, discouraging bacteria and germs from developing. For bedding up cubicles with sawdust and/or lime, you basically have three spreading options; manual, walk behind or sit-on self propelled. Our counterparts from the Dutch farming magazine Veehouderij Techniek took a look at two of the walk-behind bedding machines on the market.

Less waste
The Maxi bedder from AG Products, known as AG for short, and the SE250 from Flingk in the Netherlands were scrutinised. AG is a British manufacturer that has been involved in bedding equipment for a long time; it was founded by Cheshire lad Andrew Garnett. AG used to sell its Maxi unit with a galvanised sheet steel tub. Today, the unit is completely made of stainless steel.

The Flingk SE250 is the entry-level machine in a product range that comprises mechanical bedders for raised and deep beds, for both manual operation or for fitting to a yard or wheeled loader

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