REPORT: The need to increase grain storage capacity and upgrade farm facilities for the future prompted Suffolk farming business J.D & R.J Baker Farms to construct an array of new buildings. We look at how the project was planned and implemented, and the extremely well thought-out and impressive result.

When Suffolk farmer Robert Baker set out to redevelop the yard at J.D & R.J Baker Farms’ Crossways Farm, Elmswell, there were a whole host of factors to take into account. The sizeable project included a new grain store, machinery store, sprayer filling area, chemical store, welfare and office areas, weighbridge and wash bay. Developments to the business had seen the Crossways Farm yard become more central, putting additional demands on the buildings and infrastructure which needed updating. Being located away from the local village centre also made it the perfect site for the proposed new development.

“The primary motivation behind the project was to upgrade our facilities for the future,” explains Robert. “We had an array of ageing grain silos, which were still being used, and at the same time we wanted to increase our grain storage capacity to be able to group store grain from some contract farmed units as well. In addition, we also wanted to update the sprayer filling area and chemical store to a bespoke building with spill containment and
the correct welfare facilities.”

“The plan was also about investing in the staff,” adds Robert. “I have a first-class team of men, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. They go the extra mile for me and our contract farming clients, so including things for them like a rest room and other facilities were also important aims of the project.”

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