Like many of its competitors, Massey Ferguson offers a huge choice of tractor models. For example, buyers of a 130hp steed must select from three different ranges before then wading through an almost endless list of options. Our test highlights the MF diversity within this sector, as well as suggesting which of the red-brand models is best suited to a particular application.

There are not many farms that can do without a tractor. While some farmers want all the bells and whistles, others look for a more economical option with a simpler specification. This is why most manufacturers offer variations of the same horsepower, particularly in the case of four-cylinder tractors. Massey Ferguson, for example, has always been adept at catering for the needs of different buyers in the 100hp sector, and, proving the point, as average horsepower on farms has increased, so the brand’s multi-pronged offering has kept pace. For this test we assess a trio of different specs of 130hp Beauvais-built tractor:

  • 6713 (Global) in Essential spec with 12/12 synchronised transmission
  • 5713S Efficient with the Dyna-6 box
  • 6713S in Exclusive build with Dyna-VT CVT

The prices for these are as follows: the test specification 6713 has a list price of £58,810, the 5713S is £89,819 and the 6713S comes in at £120,314. With these price differences it clearly pays to take a closer look at what you are getting. You also need to make a note of the model names. Massey’s entry-level ‘Global’ range comprises the 4700/5700/6700 which we have pointed out before is a bit confusing. It would be more helpful if it was the 4707-4713.

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