DRIVING IMPRESSION: With a potential 50km/hr travel speed, the Dieci AgriMax Power X2 certainly looks to have the legs for some fast road work, but what is it like as a handler?

There are three models in the continuously variable transmission AgriMax Power X2 telehandler range, the 50.8, 60.9 and the 65.8. The first number indicates lift capacity, the second lift height. The 50.8 model we look at here has a nominal 5.0t capacity with a lift height of just under 8.0m. All models are powered by a 172hp 4.5 litre FPT four-cylinder engine installed transverse to the direction of travel with a front mounted cooling pack. This is cooled via a hydraulic fan, its rotation automatically reversing every 15 minutes to keep the radiator pack clean. The fan can also be reversed manually.

Stepless transmission
A Dana continuously variable HVT1 transmission connects to the engine via a right-angle gearbox, a mechanical connection between the engine and the wheels enabling the transmission to run a top speed of 50km/hr at 1,900rpm and 40km/hr at 1,600rpm. Where markets allow the handler to be
registered as a tractor, its towing capacity can be as high as 25t, with its towing ‘power’ listed as 8,585daN.

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