DRIVING IMPRESSION: Most will associate the Kaweco name with large slurry tankers and possibly forage trailers. Yet small yard loaders are also in the company’s price list. We drive the latest in-house development.

Kaweco has been part of the Royal Reesink Group for several years now, and today the firm operates from a new factory in Hengelo in the east of the Netherlands. The name is probably best associated with large slurry tankers, recently trying to break into the UK and Irish markets. Another manufacturer that has been bought by Reesink is Dutch compact loader maker Quappen, which was snapped up in 2019. Up until last year, Kaweco was manufacturing the Farmer 25 wheeled loader, taking it off Quappen’s blueprints but finishing it in its own orange livery.

Fresh slate
Emission standard and customer-led feedback resulted in a return to the drawing board to develop a new loader from scratch, which was first shown last year. Straight from the off, the differences with the old model are easy to identify: the new KW25-27 is 60cm longer, measuring 3.54m in overall length, while wheelbase has increased from 1.29m to 1.58m. This change alone has dramatically improved stability when handling heavier loads, something we were able to try out for ourselves. It’s worth noting, though, that the larger overhang does have its disadvantages: for instance, when you want to steer away from a wall, the swing in the tail can result in some paint being left behind.

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