Krampe now offers a push-off trailer, the RamBody AS750. Our German colleagues were able to use the new trailer design for a few days.

The reasoning behind developing the new trailers is quite simple: “When you constantly get customers asking for a push-off trailer, you eventually have to respond to the challenge.”

Chassis and axles

Like other Krampe trailers, the chassis is made from full section steel, onto which the body is then bolted. The standard BPW axles are 120mm with brake actuators mounted on top. And there are the three suspension choices: air suspension (€2,380); hydraulic; or parabolic spring with compensator. Also on the options list is hydraulic or electronic forced steering, or you can opt for a passive system. Rigid axles are standard.

Sides with slanted stanchions

The trailer sides are 2.0m high with a 30cm extension in the price book. The hallmark of the RamBody is the flat back door with a grain chute. The narrowly spaced stanchions on the side walls — they slope backwards — are another noticeable feature. In contrast, the front headboard leans forward, which is said to add extra strength to the design.

Two cylinders do the pushing

The blade moves on a sliding carriage, with a five-stage ram tasked with pushing the load off the trailer. Two hydraulic cylinders, arranged next to each other, provide the initial squeezing thrust and stop the blade from getting skewed.

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