Tractor loaders continue to have a strong following, with a used tractor and loader combination in good order seldom struggling to find a new home. If the loader element is critical to your buying decision, delve deeper and look at the loader model to ensure it will match your specific needs. Here we look at the MX

We have been here before, having taken a previous used buying look at loaders from Swedish brand Alö Quicke and German maker Stoll (profi 1/2017 and 4/2021). Now it is the turn of French loader specialists MX, our last look at these going back to March 2006. At the time, MX loaders were imported by Chilton Agriculture, French loader makers Mailleux changing the operation to MX UK in 2012 but retaining the base in Cannock, Staffordshire.

As key loader checks are much the same for all makes and models, some of what follows will cover the basics for all brands, but some will be MX specific. This will apply to how the loaders attach
to the tractor and the controllers

If you want the decal on an MX loader to give you an easy clue to its lift capacity, you are out of luck. Further, the range of MX loaders on offer has expanded and, from 2017, divided into A100 Economy, U400 mid-range and T400 Premium models. The range of controllers on offer has also grown.

What follows is a broad outline of MX loader models you are likely to find fitted to used tractors but it is not a definitive guide. That would fill a fat book. The aim is more to outline the main models to show the steady evolution that has seen increased choice and options.

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