Weidemann Hoftrac wheeled loaders: Small in size, big on price?

In the UK and Ireland, the agricultural market for lower lift capacity wheeled loaders is relatively small, with many potential customers opting for a high-capacity skid-steer as a less costly alternative. The farm orientated Weidemann 1000 series models we look at here, however, have a strong niche following. So, what should you look for when seeking out a pre-owned buy?

by Tobias Bensing and James de Havilland

If you are on the hunt for a pre-owned small loader, then a fixed-boom articulated Weidemann Hoftrac model will no doubt be on your shopping list. Hoftrac, incidentally, refers to these models targeting farm use, ‘industrial’ Weidemann alternatives typically having a different carriage and outline spec.