Dutch fleet of mowers, rakes and mixer wagons: Three is the magic number

The friendly contractor has come a long way since working on a local dairy farm in the early 1990s. Currently cutting around 9,000ha of grass a season, his contracting business also feeds around 7,000 animals a day within a 50km radius of company HQ at Hoornsterzwaag, in the Dutch province of Friesland. Before going into detail it is briefly worth tracing some history. Ideally, Mr Bos would have liked his own farm, but not coming from a farming family made this impossible. However, he did see a way of working for himself and mulled over plans to start a contracting business. He had no desire to compete with local firms, which already had the forage harvesting and slurry application side of things sown up. After considering the possibilities, Mr Bos took the plunge and bought a 7.5m Niemeyer triple mower during the summer of 1994. Connected to a rented and reversedrive Fendt Favorit 615 LSA, he cut 600ha in the first season.

Three Krone Big Ms, a trio of four-rotor rakes and three self-propelled mixer wagons are the main machines for Dutch contractor Ronald Bos