DRIVING IMPRESSION: While the majority of triples sold in the UK have a tine conditioner, Krone has retailed a handful of rear butterflies with its auger-based merger system — the B950 Collect.

The EasyCut B950 has undergone a comprehensive overhaul — that’s of its hardware, along with the fresh addition of ISObus controls. We were able to take a close look at the new PreSelect controls in our driving impression.

Comfort for the driver
The Krone PreSelect system is for machines with and without ISObus control and comes in two versions. First up is PreSelect DS50, a standard preselection controller with membrane keys. It’s an already familiar set-up, though this revised version is more user-friendly. The hydraulic functions on the machine are preselected via the controller and then operated using the tractor’s spools. For precise operation, your hand rests on the DS50, and LEDs show the various mower parameters and help monitor the machine functions. Small displays show further machine information such as current ground pressure.

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