Krone Swadro TC1250 rake: Keeping it simple

Big kit tends to have a good dose of electronics, as these machines are likely to be owned by intensive users. Yet some grass kit makers are now stripping off automated features to come up with more affordable, high-output propositions. Meet the Swadro TC1250

by Christian Bruse

High output, yet deliberately simple, the Swadro TC1250 uses its four rotors to clear 9.80m to 12.50m into a single row to feed a hungry forager, wagon or even a big baler; for the latter think straw rather than grass. Previous Krone rakes have had a much higher level of specification and a price tag to match, so the firm's TC1250, listing at £59,630 compared to the slightly wider but much higher tech TC1370 (£79,595) is an interesting addition.