There is a growing demand for wider working tedders, and with today’s on farm horsepower there is no issue with handling these bigger machines. Krone’s solution is the Vendro, and we’ve been testing the 10-rotor 1120.

We had a quick look at Krone’s new Vendro range of tedders last year when we tried out the four rotor
560. But now it’s time for something bigger, not just in width, but also workload as we test the 11.2m wide Vendro 1120 for a season … to get a better idea of what it’s like to live with.

This is the biggest model in the fresh-out-ofthe-box line-up that will eventually replace the long-serving KW. The 1120 has 10 of the 1.50m diameter rotors; depending on working width, other models get 1.37m, 1.70m and 1.82m rotors.

One of the Vendro’s talking points literally stands out when it comes to hitching up to the tedder. A third parking stand located at the rear of the machine means the wheels remain clear of the ground when it is parked up. This should alleviate any tyre flat spots after a couple of seasons.

Closer to the tractor
The design of the V-shaped headstock means it is 30cm closer to the frame compared with the old KW model, with the result being that the 1,660kg Vendro takes less weight off the tractor’s front axle. Downside is the folded tedder is at risk of clashing with an open back window on certain tractors, something you need to be aware of (even more so on smaller models with rope-operated latches).

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