DRIVING IMPRESSION: It’s official — McHale now has a tedder range. For the past two years there have been several sightings of the Propel in dealers’ yards as a limited number of early machines were sent out. But the line-up of one mounted and a trailed machine has only now been given the green light. We caught up with the six-rotor mounted, the M6-770.

McHale has now completed its mow-to-wrapped-bale product line-up with the introduction of what will be a three-model tedder range, the cleverly named Propel. But it’s not just the range name that makes sense, as the model designation carries a certain logic, too: for instance, the M6-770 model featured here is a mounted unit with six rotors and a working width of 7.70m. Refreshingly simple.

As it has done before, McHale had a thorough nose around the competition before deciding what direction to take. And as a lot of the key people involved in the Propel tedder project at the Irish company are also doing a spot of farming, there has been a welcome chunk of logical thinking employed within the design of the mounted M4 and M6, along with the trailed T8 machine.

Initial experience with the pre-series sales shows the main demand is for the ‘six’ and mixed with the trailed model. In the UK it is for the eight-rotor, as the units sold so far have mainly gone to farms. In Ireland when it comes to trailed machines, contractors are leaning more to a 10-rotor model that McHale says is coming soon.

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