McHale R62-72 twin-rotor rake: Closing the gap

Aiming to be a one-stop shop for baling contractors, McHale unveiled a twin-rotor rake three years ago. We take a look at the smaller of the two, the R62-72, which logically indicates this is a 6.2m to 7.2m working width machine. Read on to discover if the rest of the rake makes as much sense

by Mervyn Bailey

There are two models in the McHale rake range, the R62-72 and the larger R68-78. Beyond their working width there are other subtle differences between the two, with the smaller machine having 11 tine arms compared to the 13 on the 6.8m to 7.8m model; the latter also has six wheels under each rotor with central greasing versus four 170/60-8 tyres and individual lubrication. The options list is also minimalistic — there's a spare wheel ... and that's your lot.