PRACTICAL TEST: While Samasz has offered a range of mounted tedders for several years, it’s a relative new player in the trailed market, launching its P10-1100T in 2022. We’ve been operating the 11m machine through the 2023 grass season.

As with many other ag machines and implements, there is an increasing demand for wider working widths to get through work more efficiently … and tedders are no exception. This fact hasn’t escaped the attention of Samasz, which last year added its first ever trailed machine. For now, there’s just the one model, the 10-rotor, 11.0m wide P10-1100T, but this will be joined by a 12-rotor P12-1350T in the near future as the Polish machinery maker looks to up the ante in the grass machinery market.

There is sound logic behind adding a trailed machine, as it is becoming the go-to choice for contractors and larger farmers. Indeed even in the mounted market, it is now the six- and eight-rotor models that are proving to be the bread winners as far as the UK and Ireland are concerned. For Samasz, these are called the P6 and P8 (both of which come in two sizes with either a big or small rotor) and have working widths of 6.51m to 8.90m. The widest model, the P8-890, shares the same 1.53m diameter rotor with our tested machine, the P10-1100T. But more on this element of the spec later.

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