Samasz Toro 302 and MegaCut KDD912 triple combination: Low power, big output

Triple mower combinations are generally considered to be the preserve of contractors, downing big areas of grass ahead of high-output foragers. Yet there are lower cost and less horsepower-hungry triple options out there ... assuming you're prepared to head slightly off the mainstream piste

by Christian Bruse

A plain disc mower is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for topping overgrown paddocks, and a triple mower set-up can take output to a whole new level without a massive hike in horsepower. Indeed during our test we regularly used the Samasz combination on 120hp, six-cylinder tractors, and even in heavy silage crops we were never short of power. And if that hasn't raised an eyebrow, the price of the Samasz combi should; the Toro 302 front mower comes in at £8,765, while the rear KDD912 lists at £25,870.