SIP Air 300F and 500T mergers: Belts, front and back

With the likes of the Kuhn and Roc mergers, the tractor drives over the crop before it is rowed up. In contrast, the featured SIP outfit sees a front and rear unit working in tandem. On top of that, the rear Air 500T uses some clever engineering to swap from road to field mode

by Jacco van Erkelens

Mergers are becoming the latest trend in silage making as they tend to sweep fewer stones into the row and reduce the amount of ash contamination. Slovenian grass kit maker SIP is one of those vying for a place in this still niche market, with three mounted models and, since 2019, the trailed Air 500. If the pick-up looks familiar, it's because it is sourced from Thomas Reiter, whose Respiro was featured in our 3/2017 magazine. The Austrian manufacturer also supplies Ploeger with parts for its merger as per our 3/2021 driving impression.