When Irish importer Farmec dropped off the Sip mower in the yard my father gave me that puzzled look and then asked ‘where are this lot from?’. And it is probably a recurring question for many coming across the Slovenian manufacturer for the first time despite it producing machines since the late 1960s including some badge engineered grass kit for more recognisable names.

Taking a fresh-faced approach, SIP started turning heads in Ireland last year when it was working at the FTMTA Grass and Muck event and a UK subsidiary has been established this summer.

Following on from our practical test of the Spider tedder (see profi 05/2017) we decided to see what the Silvercut Disc 340S FC has to offer. This is the larger of the two mounted mower conditioner models and confusingly despite the 340 tag it actually has a working width of 3.25m. The smaller model is the 2.90m Disc 300S FC.

It is probably best to start with coupling up to the mower, which is left unfolded when parked up. It uses Cat III pins and Farmec points out a taller parking stand is now available so the mower sits at a more ideal

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