With the introduction of the Fanex 1564C, Vicon is back in the big tedder league. With 14 rotors covering more than 15m this takes the helm as the firm’s widest tedder from the 13.3m wide 1404C.

Like other machines of this size, it uses a trailed chassis, the running gear also doing the heavy lifting when in work mode. This is a well proven layout with the benefit the rotors are properly guided at depth and the 15m working width is stable behind the tractor in the field thanks to the long drawbar.

There is, however, a disadvantage, the 300kg negative load on the hitch ring the moment the tedder swings from its headland position and back into work. But with a minimum of 100hp recommended, this shouldn’t be an issue for potential Fanex buyers. We were still able to use the tedder with a 75hp tractor during its stay with us.

Full house
The Fanex is pulled from the pickup hitch, with the drawbar under the pto. There is a K80 spoon option. In addition to the 540 wide angle pto, our test tedder needed two double-acting and one single spool. The latter raises the machine into its transport position.

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