USED MACHINERY: New Holland Roll-Belt RB150 balers: Condition not age. New Holland Roll-Belt balers were launched in 2013 to replace the variable chamber BR series. Offered in two sizes, RB150 and RB180, to produce bales of up to 1.50m and 1.80m in diameter respectively, it is the RB150 models that are more widely available on the used market and what we focus on here.

When we took our last used buying look at New Holland variable chamber round balers (profi 01/2012), the then current BR7000 could trace its design DNA back to the 600 series launched back in 1998. As we outlined, BR balers benefited from developments and model number changes, with BR700, BR700A and finally BR7000 numbering making it easier to follow various updates over the decade of BR production. Roll-Belt RB series reached UK and Irish customers in 2014 and were a new design but with no model number changes marking their evolution it is a bit harder to easily identify when changes were made. Apart from the latest models, with their revised colour scheme and decals, a 2014 RB baler will look much the same as a 2021 model.

Most popular variants

The most likely used finds will be RB150 models with a solid five tine bar 2.30m wide pick-up with either SuperFeed non-cut or CropCutter slicing rotor intake system. An ActiveSweep variant is available with a less ‘aggressive’ feed rotor to draw in the crop. These models were developed to meet the demands of those baling lighter hay, more brittle straw windrows and delicate crops such as lucerne / alfalfa (see profi 05/2015).

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