In our 6/2012 guide to buying a used TS-A and T6000 we outlined how the latter not only replaced the
TS-A range but was expanded to include short wheelbase TMs. This meant a T6000 buyer had a lot to take
in … such as gearbox, suspension, hydraulic and spec pack choices. Add the mix of four- and six-cylinder
engines, with either two- or four-valve heads, and it was a bit of a mash-up. When the T6000 gave way to
the Stage IIIB T6 series in 2012, New Holland simplified things. So, is choosing a used T6 now a lot easier?

New Holland didn’t make many changes between the T6000 series and replacement T6 tractors launched in 2012. Apart from a switch to Stage IIIB power units, the key variation to note was the dropping of the firm’s Delta, Plus, Elite and other market-specific packages. These spec packs for the T6000 had been intended to ease the job of choosing a new tractor, although in practice they could actually make it more difficult, or expensive, for some to purchase the tractor they actually wanted.